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Indulge your love for all things culinary with the TabOfCooking extension for the Chrome browser. With every new tab you open, you'll be treated to stunning images that showcase the cooking process in all its glory. From mouth-watering dishes to behind-the-scenes glimpses of top chefs at work, TabOfCooking offers an unparalleled visual feast for foodies and home cooks alike.But TabOfCooking isn't just about eye candy - it also comes equipped with a convenient web search feature that you can access directly from your new tab page. This makes it easy to browse the web without having to switch between tabs or leave the page, enhancing your overall browsing experience.To start using TabOfCooking, simply install the extension and agree to our License Agreement and Privacy Policy. The search functionality is powered by Microsoft Bing but won't modify your browser's default search settings. So why wait? Take your passion for cooking to the next level and explore the culinary wonders of the world with TabOfCooking today.